Village fairs and other distractions

Those of you who have begun following my blog may have been disappointed over the last week at the distinct lack of blogging from me. I promised you non-orientable surfaces and instead you got silence! My awards :-)

You see, my vanity got the better of me last weekend and I decided to enter the ‘Best Sheep’ contest at the Gargunnock village fair. As you can see from this photo, I managed to do very well!* I was also easily distracted by the other attractions of the fair, which included a wild bird show (in which, most amusingly, the birds appeared to be playing with the humans!), an antique tractor competition, some horses showing off, some humans showing off (they ran up a hill or something…) and some tasty fudge tasting.

I believe I am now sufficiently recovered from the excesses of last weekend to think about mathematics again, you will be glad to hear. I have now had not one, but TWO, meetings with Peter and we have many great ideas for inspiring people about non-orientability. I’m so excited, I think I might write another blog post right now.

*Well, the sad truth is that I arrived too late for the sheep judging and had to content myself with knowing that I would have won had I arrived on time.


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