Mathematics fable

Hello everyone, Haggis reporting again after far too long away!  The summer ended up being more about doing maths rather than talking about it, and as we speak I am heavily embroiled in the mysteries of torus knots and signatures, not to mention quadratic forms and the pesky prime 2.  Perhaps I shall have a rant about the number 2 one day…

Helen Jackson and Adam Brewster

Helen Jackson and Adam Brewster

But today I wanted to tell you about another science communication endeavour that is starting in the maths department this month.  We’ve been approached by the animation company Binary Fable, which consists of Helen Jackson and Adam Brewster, who have a great idea for a new project.  They want to make 3 short animated films which involve the main character using mathematics to solve a problem.  Alongside that, there will be a website which will contain follow-up information about the maths in each film, together with a series of challenges for the public to solve.

Helen and Adam are looking for some ‘mathematicians in residence’ to supply ideas for the films, to blog on the website and to help construct the challenges to go with the films.  Construction work on the animation will probably not happen until April, ready to get the first film out when the new academic year starts in September.

Sadly I’m going to be too busy working on my Möbius strip project with Peter, along with helping Julia finish her PhD, to be a main point of contact for this project, but hopefully I can throw in some cool ideas of knot theory and topology to get them thinking!  Who knows, maybe there’ll even be a way to link this project to the Möbius one!

It’s always great to find new ways of bringing maths to the public, so I am very excited to see how this new method will proceed.  Stay tuned for more news!


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