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My certificate

Yay!  This morning I received my certificate for the mathematical group that has been named after me!  To create your own bespoke mathematical object, go to Marcus du Sautoy’s website at and follow the instructions within. (He needs to get 11 more donors before the end of April!)  The way that you get to customise your group and make it special is by picking four numbers that go into its creation.  My four numbers were:

242 – because it’s the first knot that I cannot find the concordance order of using the main theorem of my thesis.

4 – because I am the only 4-legged science communicator that I know of.

228 – number of pages in my flatmate Graeme’s thesis (go Graeme!).

243112608 x (243112609 − 1) – the biggest perfect number for the most perfect sheep.

Unfortunately that last number turned out to be too big for Marcus, so he’s given me the 43112608 bit instead.  Never mind – everyone still knows how perfect I am. 🙂

This morning so far I’ve had 134 hits on the blog already, which may seem like a small number to most of you but it’s the most number of people ever to have been on the blog in one day!  I suspect that a lot of this is traffic from Marcus’ website (and his Twitter feed), so thanks for that!  Also I noticed that I have been linked from Reddit as “one of the top five maths blogs run by a sheep”.  This amuses and yet disturbs me.  Can there be any other mathematical blogs run by sheep??  Can there be FOUR others?  Surely not!  Perhaps the person who wrote it meant “one of the top five mathematical blogs, which in this case happens to be run by a sheep”?

If you know of any other sheepy maths blogs, please tell!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by haggisthesheep on April 24, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Now up to 271 hits! Woo!!

    There has also been a comment on Reddit about the ‘top five maths sheep blogs’ thing, which cryptically says:
    “The main thing is to avoid the malign musteline and frankly nocturnal topological ravings of badgers.”
    Who is CaveDave, and what does he know about badgers that we don’t??


  2. Posted by haggisthesheep on April 25, 2010 at 10:48 am

    915 hits in the end. Wow, I think that will take some beating!


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