My name is Haggis and I reside mainly on a sofa in Edinburgh.  As a mathematician trained in Knot Theory, I feel the need to communicate some of the beauty of mathematics to the general public and to change people’s perceptions of what mathematics really is.

When I am not learning new cool maths and science facts, I like going up hills in the back of rucksacks, drinking hot chocolate and trying to save the environment.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hiya Haggis

    Am looking for a way of getting a maths museum outpost in Edinburgh – see MathsWorldUK.com

    Can I discuss this with you pls?

    I can ring you – I am 01904-330334 but pls emaile me first at jb43@york.ac.uk

    Thanks for looking at this – I liked your buckyballs!



  2. Sorry to leave a public comment but due to my own idiocy I was unable to find a link or form to contact you privately.

    I was just wondering if you could point me to the source of the confused old woman picture here? I would love to use this pic in something I want to mass print, but can’t find the source of the image. I did find one other blog that seems to have just got it most likely by doing a Google Images search and finding it on your site. Thanks!


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